10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

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Digital marketing is quite versatile, with search engine optimization, being one of the most critical elements for any company to enjoy great online presence. There are so many experts who specialize in online marketing and you will need to find the right SEO Company for your business to thrive.
To hire a SEO expert, there are a number of things that you should establish. Here is a list of 10 questions to ask when you want to hire SEO company.
1. What is Your Level of Experience?
Essentially, this is a question, which is asked so as to establish the number of years that a particular SEO company has been in business. You should also seek to establish for how long the company has been delivering SEO services and the specific people who will be responsible for various SEO tasks. Ask for samples from past clients, who they have worked for.
2. What SEO Services Do You Offer?
Search engine optimization is quite broad and part of the questions, to ask the SEO expert would be the area of specialization. Ask them to explain in detail what services they offer and what results they expect to achieve from the same. Some of the common ones include content marketing, email marketing, PPC, mobile marketing and so much more. If they can offer all of them, then it would a great advantage.

3. What SEO Techniques Do You Use to Get Organic Traffic?
This is a question that seeks to understand the specific practices they will be using to increase the volume of traffic to your website. There are some techniques that can be used to help increase the SEO rankings in a short span. You should settle for companies that use Google standards and guidelines to generate stable traffic all through.
4. How Do You Integrate Mobile Marketing?
You would not want to end up with a SEO expert that does not utilize the mobile market to drive traffic to your website. Most people have resorted to the use of mobile devices for browsing and if your campaigns do not optimize for mobile devices, you will miss a huge share of the market.
5. Do You Use Influencer Marketing and Link-building?
Getting links is one of the most critical bits of search engine optimization. You should hire a SEO expert who will be able to link your website to authority sites. Influencer marketing is a modern way of getting links to your website. A SEO freelancer should be able to connect to people who influence the market.
6. Will You Integrate Our Marketing Strategies
The fact that you are hiring a SEO company Sydney does not mean that all the marketing efforts that you set up in the past should be thrown out of the window. Find out from the SEO expert how they plan to incorporate your marketing plans. Having diverse marketing strategies will enhance the SEO approach.
7. What SEO Tools Do You Plan to Use?
The success of any SEO process is dependent on the tools that they plan to use. The objective of this question is not to really know the tools, but to establish that they actually know what they are doing and can be able to explain it to their clients. You should be wary of any SEO y that cannot tell what tools they will use. Ask about the keyword research tools and any other essential tools used for SEO.
8. What Attributes Do Use to Measure Success?
In order to understand what you are expected to get from the SEO company, they should be able to measure their success rate. Ask them to share with you the overall plan of the process and what analytics they will use to track the performance of the website. It is also important to establish how often you will get to see the performance reports.
9. When Will I Start Getting Results?
While the entire process of successful SEO may take some time, it is important to make sure that the SEO company Melbourne you intend to hire commits to a particular time frame. When using genuine SEO techniques, results will start showing within a period of six months, going forward.
If a SEO freelancer tells you that you will get results immediately, does not know what they are talking about and may only be interested in securing the job and may use black hat SEO, which will hurt your business.

10. When Can You Start? 

Every business tries to get as many clients as possible and some end up missing critical deadlines. The last, and most important question is to ask them if they are available to work on your projects. Ask them of the current projects at hand so that you can make a fair judgment on the time it may take. It is advisable to set milestone, which you can use to evaluate the progress of the work.

With these 10 questions, you should be able to hire a SEO company that has the right experience to attend your search engine optimization needs.

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